At Indigo Kidz we love affirmations. Anyone who has read any of my books or used any of my products knows the value I place on using positive affirmations and positive thought. Teaching children to use affirmations and to focus on the positive things in their life encourages them to feel content and happy. It is such a simple and wonderful tool for children to embrace. Affirmations can assist the relaxation process, or when visualising and as part of general meditation practice.

Simply put, an affirmation is a statement of intention that you make to yourself and declare to be true. Repeating the affirmation strengthens its effect.  In a typical day, we think and say many affirmations and have many thoughts that are both positive and negative. These thoughts and affirmations help to create our experiences.

Teaching children to repeat a positive statement helps them to believe that it is true in their subconscious mind. In essence we create what we think about. Therefore, if we teach children to use positive words and create positive thoughts it will evoke positive emotions. Positive emotions are stepping-stones that lead to positive expectations, which in turn lead to the creation of positive experiences.

Affirmations are a fantastic way to help children change negative thought patterns and to balance their energy. If we empower children with the knowledge that they can choose, monitor and change their own thoughts with the power of words, we can help them to create a peaceful life.