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About our Card Sets

We have 2 Beautiful card sets in our range.


Indigo Dreaming-Positive Affirmation Cards for Children

This beautifully illustrated set of 52 cards will teach children to focus on positive ideas, values and feelings and to develop their sense of self-worth. A fantastic way to build confidence and to empower children with positive thoughts to create wonderful life experiences. All of the Indigo Dreaming Positive Affirmation Cards have a positive affirmation with a values-based message that promotes positive thinking towards themselves and others. The set also contains three magical golden cards with special messages that will delight children of all ages.

Rainbow Dreaming-Power Thoughts for Children

This set contains 52 cards that are beautifully illustrated using the colours of the rainbow and calming mandala’s.Each Rainbow Thought Card contains a powerful affirmation, statement or thought to promote positive thinking, provide inspiration and bring balance to a child’s life. The cards help children tap into their inner strength and direct their mindset and perspective towards one of confidence and happiness.