We have 2 CD’s available. New MP3’s are on the way!

The Indigo Dreaming CD contains the sound recording of Indigo Dreaming – A Magical Bedtime Story, two body awareness activities and six visualisations to introduce children to meditation and relaxation techniques.
These beautiful meditations with enhance your child’s mind body and spirit while teaching them breathing techniques, muscular relaxation, visualisation and the power of positive affirmations.

The Affirmation Garden CD uses breathing techniques, visualisation, muscular relaxation and affirmations to teach children how to use the magical power of positive affirmations to build confidence and self-belief.The CD has nine all new meditations, two relaxation and breathing exercises plus an uplifting adventure story. The meditations are accompanied by the beautiful music of sound healer and composer, Christine Morrison.If you want a confident and happy child who knows how to calm themselves in times of need then this CD is a must.